Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Drive Back Home Episode 6- Draft It Forward



Came out of my slump, but still working on it.

Deck Type: Green and Black Heroic
I'm starting to see the value of Green in this format: a lot of big beaters, enchantment creatures, heroic creatures, monstrous creatures... This week I splashed in some black.
Record: 2-2

Match 1- vs. Black/Blue- Flyers. Damn Flyers. It was at this point my curve was looking a little weak, so I swapped out smaller creatures for my later games, just so I had something to play.

Match 2- vs. Red/Black- We were both playing slow decks, but his had better defense. Keepsake Gorgon and the Red Monstrous Creatures, kept my comparatively smaller creatures at bay, and did enough damage that I couldn't wait for Heroic to kick in. 

Match 3- BYE

Match 4- vs. Green/Black- Never underestimate the power of an Alpha Swing. I had this guy beat, but I kept getting out more creatures, hoping that I'd be able to get him down to 0. Also showing the importance of knowing your board state.

Deck MVP: Boon of Erebos and Scourgemark did a lot of the heavy lifting... Unfortunately. Vulpine Goliath?

Good Pulls: Fabled Hero and Mistcutter Hydra.I didn't use the former, and the latter never saw play, so this was a very good example of things just not working out.

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